New Hope Baptist Church

There is New Hope in the New Birth

World or Kingdom

WHAT THE WORLD SAYS                            WHAT THE KINGDOM SAYS
Pride is important.                                           Humility is essential.
Hitch your wagon to a star.                             Jesus is Lord.
Success                                                          Obedience
Professionalism                                              Servanthood
Competition                                                    Service
Maintain your rights.                                       Give all your rights to God.
Negotiate for the best deal.                            Obey God’s commands.
Excellence                                                      Christlikeness
Save your life.                                                Lose your life for my sake.
Affirm self                                                       Deny self
Accomplishments                                          Character
You don’t have to take that.                          Take up your cross.
Live to die.                                                    Die to live.
Rule and be served.                                     Serve in order to rule.
Things will make you happy.                        Godly character brings joy.
Walk by sight.                                               Walk by faith.
Set long-range goals.                                   God reveals the future.
Take the initiative.                                        Let God take the initiative.
Get revenge.                                                Do good to your persecutors.
Eat, drink, and be merry.                             Seek first the kingdom of God.

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