Audio Sermons from New Hope Baptist Church

Series on Romans (Posted as they are Preached )    **NOTE** If you use the player, click play then pause for a few minutes and let the file load up, then go ahead and play. You may also right click on the file name and download the file for the future.

New!  Jewish Mysteries in Light of Scripture . . . Dr. Daniel Fried

Annual Winter Revival Meetings . . . Audio Sermons  Complete!

Explore the Book  New, College Level Bible Course.  (In Progress)

The Christian Home  Adult Suday School Series 

Sunday Morning with Pastor Jack Seiler

Sunday Morning with Pastor Micah Seiler

Sunday School

Sunday Evening

Wednesday Evening

Spiritual Warfare Series

The Book of Acts


Winter Revival 2014

Spirit Soul Body   -  NEW

Discipleship Training  -  NEW

The Thinker's Workshop Series

Need God? What if I Don't?
Aren't All Religions Basically The Same?

Video Link to YouTube
The Problem of Evil
Why Would An Almighty God Need Worship?
Has Evolution Made Christianity Irrelevant?
Series Completed. Stay tuned for More. Coming Soon.

Short Series on Spiritual Gifts

The Gifts of the Spirit Part 1
The Gifts of the Spirit Part 2
The Gifts of the Spirit Part 3